South Africa: A Bishop’s Searing Criticism of Current State of Affairs

South Africa’s President Ramaphosa who took office after the resignation of President Zuma has come under heavy criticism over allegations of corruption in his government, the latest being the alleged misappropriation of the country’s COVID-19 relief fund.

ANC leaders have no reason to reform and to go back to the values advocated for by anti-apartheid activists since “all they are determined to do, is to loot, steal, rob and then resign,” Bishop Phalana bemoans.

The looting and eventual resignation of the ANC leaders, the 59-year-old South African Prelate says, “is their new habit. They loot and gather around themselves lunatics and fanatics to protect them and to speak on their behalf.”

Those the corrupt leaders have used to “crush their critics” are “journalists, lawyers, celebrities, intelligence officers, rogue members of the police service, business people, pastors and political analysts,” Bishop Phalana says.

Source: ACIAfrica

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