South Africa: Ethical and Moral Integrity Fatally Compromised

In the last few days, we have heard the bizarre story of how fugitive Thabo Bester’s girlfriend, Dr Nandipha Magudumana, allegedly stole three bodies from a mortuary to help stage his escape from prison. A few days later, one of the bodies was dumped in a river – still with the mortuary’s identification tag on the toe.

How can someone ‘steal’ bodies from a mortuary and then ‘sneak’ them into a prison? Dr Magudumana could not have done this without help – from the mortuary and the prison’s staff. You don’t put a body in your handbag and walk out of a morgue and into a jail with a smile. The cancer of corruption has become so widespread that even the dead cannot rest in peace and have become ‘bargaining chips’ in the hands of those we expect to care for our loved one’s mortal remains. It’s a rather sick story but, sadly, a picture of what the moral compass of the country has become.

Source: Jesuit Institute South Africa

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