South Africa: Tackling Gender-Based Violence

“Attrition studies have established that some of the rape survivors drop the criminal charges because of lack of support system and threats from the perpetrators,” he disclosed and added, “The Catholic women have managed to offer rape survivors the pastoral accompaniment necessary to address attrition in rape cases.”

Considering that violence against women is “an attitudinal and behavioral issue” that cannot be tackled conclusively through justice system reforms only, Church leaders in South Africa are also participating in mobilization of change in behavior and social norms, a key plan in the recently-released national action plan to end GBV, Fr. Stan said.

“More than 80 percent of South Africans profess to be involved in some form of religion.   It means perpetrators are most likely people who come to our churches.  It is therefore important for the faith leaders to be at the forefront of speaking out and challenging men in their Churches to stop violence,” Fr. Stan said during the June 29 interview.

Source: ACIAfrica

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