12th July 2020

South Asia: Inexorable Rise of Intolerance

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People in the region have many things in common when it comes to their way of life, livelihoods, cultures and even their religious practices. Their close geographical proximity also ensures that what happens in one country affects the others, for good or bad.

The unbridled march of intolerance in the region, however, means their differences are to the fore and their commonalities take a back seat.

Vested internal and external forces are strongly active in each country, reaping dividends from religious and ethnic tensions. The tragedy is that the majority, who may not support them, keep silent nonetheless.

This deafening silence does not just continue to alienate and instill fear in minorities but also threatens the stability and security of the region, which is also one of the poorest, most illiterate, most malnourished and most deprived parts of the world.

Source: UCANews

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