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South Sudan: Reduction in Number of States Significant Step in Peace Process

“After a thorough deliberation on the subject matter and in the interest of peace and stability in the country, the presidency … resolved to return the country to ten (10) States and their previous respective counties; plus three (3) administrative areas,” the statement from South Sudan Presidency dated February 14 seen by ACI Africa reads.

Catholic Church leaders who spoke to ACI Africa Saturday, February 15 expressed positive reactions to the decision by President Kiir, terming the move a “people’s victory.”

“I just heard it now and I think that is the victory for the people,” the Archbishop-elect of Juba Archdiocese, Stephen Martin Ameyu Mulla told ACI Africa and added, “When the government begins to listen to its own people, I think that is really a very excellent achievement for the government because the voice of the people has to be heard.”

The decision by the Head of State, Bishop Ameyu noted, must have come as a result of the government of South Sudan “through its own systems having understood what it means really to listen to the voices of the people.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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