South Sudan: Retired Bishop Taban Beacon of Hope and Role Model

In the 2022 article titled, “A Beacon of Hope in a Troubled Context: Sketches of the Life of Mons. Paride Taban, Shepherd and Bridge-builder”, Mr. Torres explores the life of the 86-year-old retired South Sudanese Bishop, and aligns his Episcopal ministry to the country’s struggles to bring about positive social transformation in a conflict situation.

“More than ever before, youth in today’s Southern Sudan need to have some role models to look up to who can show the way how a new society could be based on values of respect, tolerance, and love for each other,” Mr. Torres says.

He adds, “Mons. Paride Taban, even in his old age, is and remains a powerful beacon of hope and integrity in the background of moral decadence and political ambition that we experience in today’s state of the nation. More than ever, it is necessary to make an exercise of historical remembrance and celebrate those individuals or groups that have paved the way to peace and reconciliation in the country.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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