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South Sudan:First Woman Vice President ‘a Headache to Patriarchy’

Since her appointment as South Sudan’s first woman vice president last year, Rebecca Nyandeng Garang de Mabior says she has strived to demonstrate to her people that women belong in politics.

The 65-year-old widow of John Garang de Mabior, a national hero who struggled for independence after decades a war between north and south, says gender parity is a long way off in Africa’s youngest country.

But she hopes to lead by example, showing women can offer a different perspective to men in political leadership.

“The way I look at things as a woman is not the same thing as a man. So, I’m a headache to them,” she said in an exclusive interview from her office in South Sudan’s capital, Juba.

“There’s something I call a woman’s touch. There is a woman’s touch in leadership.

Source: The National

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