Sr Genevieve Ram Lal: Fighting For Women’s Rights in Pakistan

Women are the marginalized segment of patriarchal society of Pakistan. Being a minority woman is being double jeopardized and being a poor minority woman adds another layer of persecution.

Christian women are continually becoming victims of violence, with physical and verbal offenses, psychological and sexual abuse, rape (including marital rape), assaults, forced conversions, and forced marriages. They are vulnerable in the health sector and education.

Sadly the institutions and departments responsible for providing justice are not gender sensitized in our country. Since corruption is on the rise, it becomes difficult for women to even report the cases, and if the cases are registered, then women again have to face unequal and prejudiced treatment.

Christian women working as domestic workers bring along their daughters, fearing leaving them alone in the house. Unfortunately these girls are often victimized, blamed as thieves, raped and abused in the houses of the rich people.

Source: Global Sisters Report

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