St Joseph’s parish Panyagara and 25 years of Mill Hill Presence in Kotido Diocese.

Today 5th of May 2023, the entire Christian Community of St Joseph the worker parish Panyangara came out in Large Numbers to celebrate twenty-five years of the faith since the erection of the parish and 25 years of  Mill Hill Presence in Kotido Diocese. 

 In his homily, the Bishop of Kotido Diocese Rt Rev Bishop Dominic Eibu noted with gratitude the tremendous work done by Mill Hill Missionaries and the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph in uplifting the lives of the people; spiritually, economically and socio-economically. This has been done to the extent of some missionaries losing their lives.

With these words of the Bishop, we recall the slain Mill Hill Missionary Fr Declain Otoole, MHM who was murdered on the 21 of May 2002 together with 2 locals Fedele Longole and Patrick Dodoya Longoli. We also remember a young Missionary from Cameroon Br Atanacious Fambo who was on Mission experience in Panyagara parish and died on the 18 of May 2017 after a protracted illness. May they rest in please. 

Panyangara parish remains grateful to all the Mill Hill Missionaries who have worked and are still working in Panyagara parish. The moderator of the Parish council council in his speech pledged support and collaboration to and with the pastoral team to lay a farm foundation for the faith through education as they embark on building a nursery school for the parish. 

Frs Ignatius Nshing and  Dennis Wanjala continue to inspire people in Panyagara with love and service. Let us keep them in our prayer.

Alexander Kimbi Toaghangname MHM

Video Impressions

Speech Fr Ignatius Nshing MHM, parish priest

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