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Sunday Reflection: A Life Changing Word

Have any of you had somebody say either a word or sentence that directly or indirectly, immediately or in retrospect was life changing? It may need a bit of thought, because the power of words affects us all in different ways. This should be of no surprise to any of us as our faith life is linked to Christ who is Word, who uttered life into creation and whose words through the Gospel change us still. One of the most famous illustrations of this transformative ability of the Divine Word to convert us is that of St Anthony the Great who, hearing the gospel about the rich young man was so deeply moved he gave up everything to the poor and followed Christ; Athanasius writes about it in his life of Anthony; ‘he entered the church, and it happened the Gospel was being read, and he heard the Lord saying to the rich man Matthew 19:21, ‘If you would be perfect, go and sell that you have and give to the poor; and come follow Me and you shall have treasure in heaven.’

Source: ICN

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