Synod on Synodality: A View from Asia

It’s a little difficult to know what’s in the mind of the pope, behind what pushes him to come so often to Asia. But regarding the conversions, we must understand one thing. Because of international migration, a good part of those who were once Christians in the West are now being evangelized by Christians from the East. Many Asians keep the faith alive in some of the oldest churches in the West. Filipino, Vietnamese and Indian migrant populations are at the heart of many Western churches today.

Former mission lands have begun to evangelize. I noticed this in a parish near London, where if you remove the Asians, Latin American immigrants and Africans, there are only elderly parishioners. We are a Church on a mission. In the midst of the difficulties we face, and even if people flee for economic reasons or asylum requests, we can see opportunities.

Source: UCANews

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