Synod on Synodality: Women’s Experiences

Sr. Iris Altagracia González heads toward Paul VI hall at the Vatican on Oct. 6, the third day of the Synod of Bishops. González, of Congregación Hijas de Jesús, said the synod is a return to a focus on Jesus and not on church rules. (GSR photo/Rhina Guidos) 

It’s puzzling for her to hear people outside the synod express worries about its discussions since she believes that what’s largely taking place is a conversation — listening to oneself, others, and God, she said.

“I have this sensation that we’re returning to the origin, to what the church was from the beginning and should be, based on the Gospel,” she said, “to follow Jesus and not to focus on rules. This is about following Jesus as a church, as a community, and from that point, there is nothing to fear.”

Source: Licas News

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