Spirituality of Synodality – Fascinating Podcast Interview with Fr James Hanvey SJ

Synodality is a way of doing church that emphasizes things like listening, shared leadership responsibilities between ordained and lay faithful, and reading and responding to the signs of the times.

One of the Jesuits helping the church think about how synodality is lived out is Fr. James Hanvey, SJ. Fr. Hanvey is a theologian and serves as the Secretary for the Service of Faith at the Jesuit Curia in Rome. He’s also on a couple of Vatican committees supporting the work of the synod, including one examining the spirituality of synodality. That group has just released a document on Biblical resources for synodality: Where in Scripture do we hear the call to this way of doing church?

Host Mike Jordan Laskey asked Fr. Hanvey about this work and how Ignatian spirituality might contribute to our building a synodal church together.

Source: Jesuit Conference


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