Tabenken, Kumbo, Cameroon – Priestly Ordination of Rev  Kanjoh Joseph Tamfuh.

On 9th July, 2022, hundreds of Christian faithful gathered in a fully packed Holy Family Parish Tabenken for the Priestly ordination of Rev Joseph Kanjoh Tamfuh. The ordaining prelate Rt. Rev George Nkuo, bishop of Kumbo, 37 priests, five deacons, 20 Religious men and women were in attendance. As a ‘typical village affair ‘ the people of Tabenken were filled with joy, dance and celebration in a Mass that lasted for four hours

In his homily, the bishop of Kumbo appreciated the Mill Hill Missionaries who in their typical fashion braved the bad roads and insecurity to reach Tabenken, the Northern Part of Kumbo diocese. Looking at the historical background of Mill Hill Missionaries in Kumbo diocese, the bishop appreciated the Mill Hill Missionaries who have given exceptional attention to the diocese. He invited Rev Joseph to proclaim the message of Christ – to go out on mission inviting people to prayer and sacraments. With the challenge of aggressive secularism, the bishop urged Joseph to always trust in God and to inspire Christians to do likewise.

 “You will encounter people who have been away from God. Bring them closer to God inviting them to enjoy the joy of the Gospel. People will ask you for blessings and prayer. Treat them tenderly with care and love and not to damage their faith”. The bishop ended his homily by a prayer for Joseph: “My prayer for you is that as a missionary priest, you will find great joy and be a true witness of Christ wherever you go”.

At the end of Mass, the spokesperson of the Parish Council, Mr Julian Mbuli, thanked the Mill Hill Missionaries who in spite of the bad roads and the Socio – political instability came in great numbers. He said: “We celebrate the centenary of the Mill Hill Missionaries in Cameroon who will always be and continue to be a shining example for generations to come”.

Fr Philip Shube, the first Mill Hill fruit from Tabenken was given a solemn welcome to his home Parish three years after his ordination. Mrs Alice Akumu, a visitor from Kenya who came for the ordination was given a warm welcome to Tabenken.

Fr Innocent Wefon Akum, Society Representative of Mill Hill Cameroon, thanked the family of Joseph for generously offering their son to the church and the Mill Hill Missionaries. He urged Fr  Joseph to let the will and comfort of the people be his primary goal, sacrificing his own interests for the interest of the people.

To immortalise the day, trees were planted to commemorate the long history of faith planted by Mill Hill Missionaries 100 years ago.

It should be noted that the Holy Family Parish Tabenken created 85 years ago (1937) had Fr Cornelius Hoevenaars as the pioneer Parish Priest.

Fr Joseph Kanjoh has been appointed to the British Region.

Fr Anthony Ndang Ndichia MHM

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