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Feast of All Saints

The Eight Beatitudes with the art of Peter Clare The eight pictures which depict Matthew 5: 3-10, the gospel for the Feast of All Saints, have the same background colour: a mixture of yellow, brown and green which approaches the colour of gold. In all the pictures the figures are surrounded by a thick line….

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Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

A new national landmark which aims to profile a million answered prayers has been given the go ahead to be built on a site near Coleshill on the outskirts of Birmingham. The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, which will eclipse the size of the Angel of the North, will stand at 169 feet and is expected…

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Inculturation: The Indian Face of Jesus II

Traditional Christian art seems something of the past that does not offer any new insights. More recently inculturated art forms from Asia and Africa have been appreciated because they are thought to bring a fresh perspective on Biblical themes.    As an artist, I have not represented Jesus in the conventional way that is typical of…

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Inculturation: The Indian Face of Jesus I

The Gospels do not describe the physical appearance of Jesus. However, each culture has presented Jesus in their own cultural forms. Since ancient times, Christianity wore different clothes, spoke varied languages, and followed diverse customs. Indians of different cultural backgrounds responded to the Gospel narratives after learning them in their local languages, beginning with Tamil,…

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Dotpainting – Light in the Darkness

There is a hidden meaning in this painting which needs explanation. The meaning gradually developed when I was painting myself, born between the two rivers (Dinkel and Regge, top and bottom blue lines), becoming a member of Mill Hill (the red lines left and right, sign of the sash or girdle of a Mill Hill…