12th July 2020

Trust. A Poem

(TRUST    A light-hearted take on Pope Francis’ important  Urbi et Orbi meditation on 27 March 2020).     TRUST                                        (Mk 4,38) Off we go. All aboard ! All agreed, of one accord. See how the fishermen have scored; All big and little fish still stored, Some to eat and some to hoard – Hard work’s happy just reward. Don’t leave the Lord! With him around, our hopes … Read more

Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary Year: A Call to Decolonise Botanical Collections

We like to think that things get better over time. But as the Black Lives Matter movement has rightly shown, change happens too slowly, or is superficial, or doesn’t happen at all. In my own field of research, you can see an imperialist view prevail. Scientists continue to report how new species are “discovered” every year, species that are often already known and used by people in … Read more

‘We Cannot Be Silent about Racism’ – Bishops of Southwark

We are committed to making sure that our parishes, schools, and communities are places where everyone is welcomed, where everyone is affirmed, where everyone is encouraged; where everyone is respected for the person God has created them to be and for the person God is calling them to become. We have, in our Church, some inspiring examples of people who spoke out against slavery and … Read more

Corpus Christi: To Become the Body of Christ we also must be Broken like Christ

My point is this: it is the very nature of the eucharist, in enacting the drama of Christ, to incorporate an element of the brokenness of the world and the brokenness of human relations into the story of the foundational event of Christian faith precisely because it mirrors the brokenness of Christ himself. To put that another way, let me use the metaphor of the body. Augustine … Read more

Memories of the Pandemic: Disruption of Every Plan

MEMOIRES OF THE PANDEMIC: DISRUPTION (PAR EXCELENCE) OF EVERY PLAN!!! (Two, Three, Five Months on) In Hope we were Saved! Romans 8:24.   Now is the time… to slow down, …to decipher a plague, …to stop wars, …to love and to serve more! A time for an end which is another beginning – not that there is anything new – well, everything new, including the … Read more

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