12th July 2020

Elak-Oku, Cameroon: Fr Hermann Gufler MHM Remembered

The Catholic community of Elak-Oku in NW Cameroon came out en masse to remember Fr Hermann Gufler mhm who died on July 1st. Fr Cyprian Taah and Dennis Martin, parish priest, presided at the Eucharistic celebration in his memory. Fr Hermann served at Elak-Oku for more than seventeen years. A pictorial report of a Cameroonian ‘cry-die’. Additional pictures on FLICKr

Cameroon Conflict: Government Initiates Discreet Talks with Ambazonian Seperatists

According to our sources, Cameroonian government delegates and several Ambazonian leaders detained in Yaoundé’s main prison began negotiations on 2 July with a view to achieving a ceasefire in the North-West and South-West regions. On 2 July, the self-proclaimed president of Ambazonia, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, was removed from his cell, along with Wilfried Tassang and Blaise Shufai, and taken outside the prison to meet Léopold Maxime Eko … Read more

Mill Hill House, Bamenda, Cameroon: Passing the Baton

After a stint of close to nine years as the the Rector of the Mill Hill Central House, Foncha Street, Bamenda, Cameroon, Fr. Arnold Verhoeven, the outgoing Rector, officially handed over on Saturday 4th July 2020, to the incoming Rector, Fr. Anthony Ndang Ndichia. Mill Hill House, Bamenda, like any other Mill Hill Guest Houses in the Mil Hill world, is a home for members … Read more

Kumbo, Cameroon: ‘The Priest Today must be an Agent of Hope to a Dying and Suffering People’ – Bp George Nkuo

“You are called upon to bring the message of hope to God’s people especially in these challenging times of insecurity and the coronavirus pandemic,” the 67-year-old Cameroonian Prelate told candidates and added, “You should be at the service of the people. The Priest today must be an agent of hope to a dying and suffering people.” Bishop Nkuo who doubles as the President of Bamenda … Read more

Cameroon: Catholic Aid Agency Responds to Government’s Call for Help in Dealing with Covid-19

With 12,592 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 10,100 recoveries and 313 deaths, Cameroon reportedly has one of Africa’s highest infection rates and has been described as the “COVID-19 epicenter in western and central Africa.” COVID-19 becomes the fourth emergency that the 25.2-million-population nation is dealing with, besides exacerbating Boko Haram attacks in the north, violent conflict in Anglophone west, and the Central African refugee crisis. For the second time … Read more

Cameroon Crisis: Buea slow Return to Normal, Bamenda still a Ghost Town

In Bamenda, in the neighbouring North West region, ghost town regulations are still dutifully followed. From Commercial Avenue, the city’s main thoroughfare, to working class neighbourhoods, not a soul is to be found in the streets. The only notable exception is the secured enclave of Up Station, a neighbourhood where administrative department premises are concentrated, under the protection of the base of the fifth military region. Bamenda’s … Read more

Cameroon: Call for Ceasefire from International Group of Dignitaries

“We challenge the government and military of the Republic of Cameroon to call a ceasefire in the two Anglophone regions,” they state in their collective letter and reiterate, “We challenge all non-state armed groups (NSAGs) in the two Anglophone regions to call a ceasefire.” They continue, “It takes bravery to call a ceasefire, of course, but that’s what it means to put people’s health first. … Read more

Africa: UN Call for Ceasefire amid Covid-19 Falls on Deaf Ears

“Here the conflict is continuing,” the Archbishop of Bamenda in northwestern Cameroon, Archbishop Andrew Nkea has said in response to a survey by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) International. Referencing the protracted conflict in the English-speaking region of Cameroon, Archbishop Nkea said, in the June 22 CAN report, that while many leaders of those advocating for secession have expressed their understanding of what is at stake … Read more

Bamenda, Cameroon: Torn between Insecurity and Rapid Spread of Coronavirus

Scot, a resident in Bamenda said at least with the Anglophone crisis, one knows how to respect some rules like getting home early and avoiding no go areas. “But for coronavirus, the risk is just so high. You might get into a public space and contract the disease,” Scot, who did not wish to give his second name for fear of reprisal, told DW. “For … Read more

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