17th February 2020

China Coronavirus – A Moving First-Hand Account from Wuhan

Having returned to their original town of Huajiahe to celebrate the lunar New Year, it came as complete surprise when Yan Xiaowen was quarantined due to showing symptoms of the coronavirus. Yan Hongwei was with him when he went to the clinic and joined him in quarantine. This meant that Yan Cheng was now on his own and unable to do anything for himself. Local … Read more

United Kingdom – China: A Chilling Christmas Card Surprise

Tesco has suspended production of charity Christmas cards at a factory in China after a six-year-old girl found a message from workers inside one. The note, found by Florence Widdicombe, was allegedly written by prisoners in Shanghai claiming they were “forced to work against our will”. “Please help us and notify human rights organisation,” the message said. Tesco said it was “shocked” by the report, … Read more

China’s Social Control Technology for Export: Big Brother is Watching You!

Those Chinese citizens who prefer the freedoms of the past, and act on such preferences, are starting to feel the deleterious effects of China’s surveillance state. People with low social credit scores in China are today barred from access to travel, education, jobs, loans and even personal freedoms. Those who jaywalk see their faces on digital billboards in acts of public shaming. Souce: UCANews Read … Read more

Vatican – China: Agreement on Appointment of Bishops soon to be Signed

The long-awaited Sino-Vatican agreement on the nomination of bishops is expected to be signed in September.A Vatican source told America — The Jesuit Review that the deal is due to be signed in Beijing before the end of September but the report said the text of the agreement will not be made public even after the signing.A high-level Holy See delegation will travel to Beijing for the … Read more

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