17th January 2020

DR Congo: Cardinal Ambongo Meets President Tshisekedi After Visit to Conflict-Ridden East

“I witnessed a traumatised population” the Cardinal said, adding that “it’s impossible to comprehend how human beings can behave like this towards their own brothers and sisters. As a pastor, this affected me profoundly.” Flashpoint of military conflict The region has been one of the more politically unstable parts of the country, with ongoing conflicts going back to the end of the 90s. Facing each … Read more

DR Congo: Cardinal Ambongo Warns Against Danger of Balkanisation

In his address to journalists at the press conference, Cardinal Ambongo revealed, “There is a balkanization plan that is already underway.” According to the Congolese Church leader, the balkanization plan “concerns the eastern part of the country. There is even a mode of operation in Ituri-Bunia, Butembo-Beni and Rutshuru-Minembwe.” As a way forward, the Archbishop of Kinshasa appealed to the Government to assume its constitutional … Read more

DR Congo: Access to Free Basic Education Irreversible – Bishops

For nearly 30 years, it has been the duty of parents to contribute to the salaries of teachers in the DRC, a policy that made it difficult for many parents to keep their children in school. Speaking on behalf of the Bishops of CENCO, Fr. Nshole recalled, “In their message of June 2019, the Bishops members of CENCO, who had already in 2004 exercised the … Read more

Kinshasa, DR Congo, Floods: Concerned Mill Hill Missionary Sends out Appeal for Help

Greetings from Kinshasa, where we are starting a new mission with the hope of establishing a formation house as well. In Kingabwa one of the outskirts of Kinshasa there is a disaster. It is the rainy season here and consequently the water of the river Congo has swollen causing unprecedented flooding. It is the first time that this has happened, say the residents. About 359 … Read more

DR Congo: Interfaith Initiative to Preserve Rain Forest in line with Laudato Sí

“It is in an interreligious context that we will get involved, in the light of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudoto Si, which promotes a culture of respect for forests and the people who live in it,” Archbishop Utembi said in reference to the role expected of religious leaders in the initiative. The interfaith initiative for the preservation of the tropical forests intends to highlight the moral … Read more

DR Congo: Rescuing Minors from Coltan Mining Slavery

The priest recounted one boy he encountered in his ministry, who had escaped the mines and fled hundreds of miles. Starving and grief-stricken, the boy needed someone to listen to him. “After giving him something to eat, he told me about his life,” Milayi recalled. The boy said that his family had been kidnapped from their house by militiamen, who took them to the forest … Read more

DR Congo: US$1 Million Ward to Mitigate Child Labour, Improve lives – Kenyan-born Sr Catherine Mutindi

The winner of this year’s Opus Prize worth US$1 million, Sr. Catherine Mutindi Kivutui, has returned to her ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where she oversees the running of Bon Pasteur (Good Shepherd) Kolwezi, the apostolate she founded in 2012 in Lualaba Province, south of DRC with the objective of ending child labor. ACI Africa reached out to the member of the religious congregation of Our … Read more

DR Congo: Kenyan-born Sister Wins Prestigious Prize for Work Addressing Human Rights Abuses

Sr. Mutindi’s Bon Pasteur Kolwezi has been acknowledged as impactful by DRC government and civil society organizations as, according to a report on SLU website, “the only NGO working effectively to address the widespread human rights abuses against children, adolescent girls and women in the Kolwezi ASM communities.” “Moreover, the approach adopted by Bon Pasteur to mitigate child labor has been identified by the several Congolese national and … Read more