2nd April 2020

Religious Orders, NGO’s told to Find Alternative Ways of Mobilizing Resources for Sustainability

Sr. Mutiso underscored the importance of resource mobilization skills for any leader saying, “like now we have this donor fatigue, organizations have to learn alternative ways of mobilizing resources for sustainability.” “We hope that by the end of the workshop they will have mastered these skills and also know how to write winning proposals,” the Kenyan-born nun said during the Friday, February 28 interview. Source: ACIAfrica … Read more

Basankusu, DR Congo: Mama Mimi Visits the Dentist

“The church bell rings at 5 a.m.” Mama Mimi explained. “I’ll be at your house by half past.” In Basankusu, dentistry is normally do-it-yourself. The conservation group for bonobos, (which are like chimpanzees, only better), had invited a dentist to come along. The conservation village is about half an hour upriver. Although the dentist would be checking-up on the bonobos, she would provide a free … Read more

A Challenging Approach to Community Development: The Pandipieri Spirit

Fr Hans Burgman mhm (90) is the well known initiator of the innovative Kisumu Urban Apostolate Programme KUAP). After retiring some years ago from active involvement in the programme he continues to inspire the ‘Friends of Pandipieri’. In a contribution to their latest newsletter he writes:  When you have to deal with a problem you should tackle the causes of the problem and not just … Read more

Witu, Kenya: Water, Glorious Water!

In the first edition of our parish Magazine (Ujumbe@Witu/Kipini), I pointed out, that one of the crucial challenges faced in the villages around Witu over the years is lack of hygienic drinking water. Access to good drinking water is crucial in any community. When one goes visiting the villages from about 4:00 p.m. when children are just back from school, one immediately notices how desperately … Read more

Africa: Growing Fear that Chinese Money is Financing the next Cycle of African Debt Problems

If only Kenya and Tanzania could be so lucky as to receive similar debt forgiveness. Both countries need to see some Chinese debt come off their balance sheets. Kenya borrowed more than $9.5bn between 2006 and 2017, which makes it the third-largest recipient of Chinese loans in Africa. It is this reality of Chinese support that led Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta to request additional support from … Read more

DR Congo: Sobering Report of Visit Representative Aid to Church in Need (ACN)

What struck me was the situation of complete abandonment on the one hand, yet on the other hand, the local people displayed incredible energy in coping with the situation. I’m thinking of the young people who set out, sometimes from Lake Tanganyika, in the extreme east of the DRC, pushing their bicycles with loads of up to 500 kg of goods piled on them which … Read more

Sargodha District, Pakistan: Caritas Distributes Beehives

  Yaqoob Masih is the first Christian beekeeper in his remote village in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Born and raised among farmers, laborers and owners of small tuck shops, Masih was searching for a way to provide for his family after his father passed away. “I was only six months old when he died in an accident. My mother raised seven kids by working as a housemaid … Read more

Panyangara: ‘House of Bread’

To date all bread available for sale in Kotido, a small town in the far north western Karamoja region of Uganda, was being ferried in from the town of Mbale, several hours journey away to the south. Transport costs money. Prices are adapted accordingly. The state-of-the-art bakery that was inaugurated at the Mill Hill Missionary Panyangara parish, a short distance away from Kotido, on Saturday … Read more

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