24th January 2020

South Sudan: Comboni Missionaries Take up Challenge of Providing Quality Education

On his part Br. Jorge Rodriguez Floyd working in the nation’s Diocese of Malakal disclosed the Province of Comboni Missionaries has plans underway in the education sector to meet the Comboni tradition of education. “We are organizing to clarify our education to make it the Comboni tradition and education that we have gained through the many years of our presence in Africa,” Bro. Jorge Rodrigug … Read more

Nairobi, Kenya: Jesuits Launch Scholarship Programme for Women to Study Theology

“The Jesuit School of Theology of Hekima University College (HUC) in Nairobi, Kenya, is delighted to announce the ‘St. Ignatius Scholarship for Women Theologians’. This scholarship is for African women (Religious or Lay) to study towards the Bachelor of Theology (BTh) or the Master of Theology/Licentiate in Sacred Theology,” read in part the poster announcing the scholarship. In an interview with ACI Africa, the Coordinator … Read more

Kisumu, Kenya: Franciscan Sisters of St Anne Extend Apostolate to Tanzania

A congregation of women religious of the order of St. Francis headquartered in Kenya’s Kisumu Archdiocese has extended its apostolate to the East African country of Tanzania in addition to its presence in Ethiopia, responding to the needs of the people at the grassroots who require “pastoral care, education and medical care.” Last week, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Anna (FSSA) opened a convent in Tanzania’s Archdiocese … Read more

Pune Voices: Magazine of Mill Hill Missionary Students of Theology in India

Editorial We are living ia a world that has become tech-sawy where people have hardly nay time or patience to wait for. We want to achieve anything at lightning speed: be it our own dream projects and goals. Thanks to the revolution of scientific technology. It has its own positive and negative impact on the lives of human beings nod other species of our ecu-system … Read more

Cambodia: Village Christmas Party

While I missed the first day Aguinaldo mass in the Philippines , I am also gradually introduced to a unique Cambodian Christmas celebration as I attended today for the first time , the Christmas party in one of the villages in Siem Reap; the Anlong Sa community. Attended by mostly grandmothers, mothers and young children, I was impressed by their simplicity and contentment. They are … Read more

Growth – A Newsletter from the Institute of St Anselm

The Institute is slowly establishing its home in Rome and adjusting to our new way of life. We have been very blessed the way everything has evolved and developed although true to life it has been challenging at times. We were privileged to have a visit from Cardinal Joseph Coutts from Pakistan in September who spent some time sharing with us. We were delighted to welcome … Read more

DR Congo: Access to Free Basic Education Irreversible – Bishops

For nearly 30 years, it has been the duty of parents to contribute to the salaries of teachers in the DRC, a policy that made it difficult for many parents to keep their children in school. Speaking on behalf of the Bishops of CENCO, Fr. Nshole recalled, “In their message of June 2019, the Bishops members of CENCO, who had already in 2004 exercised the … Read more

Arise: Magazine of the Mill Hill Missionary Students in Cameroon

What shall this Child be for Us? Karma, or the law of sowing and reaping, l\ never fails to exact its pound of flesh. What you sow is what you reap. The catastrophic nightmare in the Anglophone section of Cameroon is the tragic consequence of many years of ignoring and playing politics of the ostrich with the legitimate cries of the people, of relegating God … Read more

Mbikko, Uganda: The Transformative Power of Music

“50 years ago in 1969, as a young missionary, full of enthusiasm, I boarded the plane clutching a guitar on my way to the land of my childhood dreams: Uganda. For years that guitar was my faithful companion in the city, in the interior, in schools and in the small Christian communities. “The Good News.” That is the key word that has inspired, fascinated and … Read more