2nd April 2020

America: Bias -The Sources of Wilful Blindness in the Face of the Covid-19 Crisis

But in the midst of this collective push to secure compliance with necessary safety measures, a number of people still refuse to take the threat seriously. We now know, for example, that coronavirus can incubate in the body for several days without symptoms, yet you may still hear from some that, as long as no one is feeling sick, public gatherings are OK. This only … Read more

Kisumu, Kenya: Uzima Catholic Medical School Forced to Close

Following the multi-agency inspection, the management of the Catholic institution was given six months to close and distribute the continuing students to the other medical schools, after the third joint inspection of medical and dental schools, and teaching hospitals found the institution to be only 49 percent compliant. The March 2-6 inspection focused on governance and management, academic programmes, human resource, student affairs, infrastructure, monitoring … Read more

Religious Orders, NGO’s told to Find Alternative Ways of Mobilizing Resources for Sustainability

Sr. Mutiso underscored the importance of resource mobilization skills for any leader saying, “like now we have this donor fatigue, organizations have to learn alternative ways of mobilizing resources for sustainability.” “We hope that by the end of the workshop they will have mastered these skills and also know how to write winning proposals,” the Kenyan-born nun said during the Friday, February 28 interview. Source: ACIAfrica … Read more

John Allen’s Light Hearted Take on the Pros and Cons of a Roman Sojourn for Priests

Yet bishops and religious superiors continue to send priests to Rome to study, to work in the Vatican, to teach in a pontifical university, to work at the headquarters of some Catholic institution, and for myriad other reasons. A few become lifers, while most put in a few years and then move on to something else. Granted, there’s a strong case that some of those … Read more

China: The Face of Catholicism in the 21st Century

In the last twenty years, a good number of priests, nuns and laity were sent to abroad for further study, e.g., to the Philippines, the USA, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France and Taiwan. Some even studied for doctoral degrees. It is clear that these returnee priests, nuns and laity have encountered a variety of difficulties and challenges when they have returned to China—for example, readjusting to … Read more

Pope Francis’ Love Letter to the Peoples of the Amazon: A Moving Reflection

As we are on the road, I start reading a good number of articles, previews and reflections about this, and most of them come from elsewhere, from all around the world. This is good in a way, but then I start sensing again and again the lack of understanding in commentaries that are not truly concerned with the Amazon and its peoples. The reflections are … Read more

Fascinating Reflections on 1960: The Year of Africa – ‘A Continent Remade’

A little more than a year ago, the archival storytelling group came across a photo of a woman carrying on her back a baby holding a tiny Nigerian flag. The year was 1960. It was a powerful illustration of how new independence felt for so many African nations. Seventeen countries declared independence that year, which became known as the Year of Africa. And with the … Read more

Basankusu, DR Congo: Mama Mimi Visits the Dentist

“The church bell rings at 5 a.m.” Mama Mimi explained. “I’ll be at your house by half past.” In Basankusu, dentistry is normally do-it-yourself. The conservation group for bonobos, (which are like chimpanzees, only better), had invited a dentist to come along. The conservation village is about half an hour upriver. Although the dentist would be checking-up on the bonobos, she would provide a free … Read more

Sunday of the Word of God: The Contribution of Missionaries in Making the Word Accessible in Local Languages

Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) – Sunday, January 26, the first “Sunday of the Word of God” will be celebrated in the world, announced by Pope Francis with the Apostolic Letter “Aperuit Illis”, so that “the life of our people be constantly marked by this decisive relationship with the living word that the Lord never tires of speaking to his Bride” (n.2). The Pope stresses that … Read more

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