22nd February 2020

Cameroon: Bishops Comment on Low Turnout and Violence at Recent Local Elections

Meanwhile, the bishops expressed concern about the Anglophone crisis in the north-west and south-west regions of the country. “We regret that four months after the holding of the Major National Dialogue, which proposed solutions for ending the crisis in these regions, we are still not satisfied with the situation in these regions,” they said in their collective statement. The bishops added, “Insecurity persists in spite … Read more

Cameroon: Election Violence in Anglophone Regions – Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch interviewed 55 victims and witnesses of crimes committed by armed separatists and government forces since the elections were announced in November 2019, as well as opposition party members, candidates, and other residents of the North-West and South-West Anglophone regions. Human Rights Watch also analyzed satellite imagery and video footage to independently corroborate witness testimony. Clashes between armed separatists and government forces, as well … Read more

Cameroon: Surge in Violence Ahead of Local Elections

A surge in violence meted out by the Cameroon military in recent weeks, has led to dozens of killings and thousands of new displacements in several areas across the Anglophone regions, Amnesty International said today, ahead of parliamentary elections due to take place on Sunday 9 February. Amid several reports of villages razed to the ground, Amnesty International’s remote sensing analysis confirms the burning of … Read more

India: Modi Election Victory Puts Christian Minority at Risk

In the United States, political chatter right now is dominated by the Democratic contest to take on President Donald Trump in 2020, while those of us living in Europe are focused on elections for the next European Parliament that wrap up today and the extent to which anti-immigrant populists may add to their heft on the Old Continent. One can make a good case, however, … Read more

Basankusu, DR Congo: Peaceful March to Demand Local Elections

Nearly 1,000 residents of Basankusu, province of Equateur, took to the streets on Thursday (May 23rd) to demand urban, municipal and local elections. Their peaceful march was organized at the initiative of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission. At the end of the march the protesters presented a petition at the local representation of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) addressed to the president of … Read more

Philippine Midterm Elections

Like everywhere else in the Philippines the fishermen’s village of Turda, Palawan, is full of election posters. Even in these remote parts candidates have been canvassing and showing their clout (!) by bestowing concrete favours on the local population. Thus Turda can pride itself of another beautifully paved road and the small bridge over the stream passing the village has been completely reconstructed. Reason for … Read more

Philippines: Mid-Term Election Fever

The Philippines is heading to the polls on May 13th in a mid-term election that could be seen as a referendum on President Duterte’s ‘war on drugs’ involving large scale extra-judicial killings, economic policies with attendant corruption and an increasingly intimate relationship with the People’s Republic of China. A casual visitor like myself cannot avoid being drawn into the debates and animated discussions taking place … Read more

Philippines: Church Backed Watchdog Monitoring Elections

A church-backed poll watchdog will deploy about 300,000 volunteers in polling precincts across the Philippines for the national elections on May 13. The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) will also conduct a partial and unofficial quick count of election results. PPCRV chairwoman Myla Villanueva said the spirit of the volunteers is very strong but their number is not enough.”I have been talking to … Read more

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