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Advent Retreat: God is with You

Welcome to this year’s Advent retreat in collaboration with Sacred Space, written by Gemma Simmonds CJ.  Do you know that God is with you? After a year of challenges, changes, suffering, isolation and social distancing, perhaps there’s never been a more important time to reflect on the Incarnation; to reflect on God’s incredible plan to…

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#RedWeek 2020: In Support of Persecuted Christians Worldwide

#RedWeek is an initiative launched in 2015 by the international pontifical foundation ACN, an international Catholic charity that supports suffering and persecuted Christians. About 250 million Christians all over the world are living in environments in which they are violently persecuted, discriminated against or prevented from freely practicing their faith. This year the initiative will…

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Feast of All Saints

The Eight Beatitudes with the art of Peter Clare The eight pictures which depict Matthew 5: 3-10, the gospel for the Feast of All Saints, have the same background colour: a mixture of yellow, brown and green which approaches the colour of gold. In all the pictures the figures are surrounded by a thick line….

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The Hidden Holiness of the City

A testimony from Sister Pamela – currently a member of the Jerusalem Community in Cologne – leads us to discover, from the street signs of Quebec City to the multiple and unique faces of all the city-dwellers in the world, that a piece of sacred history is being written in our streets, because all people,…