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Hunger Games in Congo

Francis Hannaway, from Middlesbrough, England, is working in Basankusu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2014, he started working for the treatment of malnourished children. He then set up a treatment centre with a team of 12 local volunteers. He is a former Mill Hill Missionary Associate His story. I live and work in…

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Pope Francis: Applying Gospel Message to Big Questions of our Age

Over the last four Wednesdays in August, Francis has focussed his audiences on the pandemic, peppering his reflections with economic messages designed to make world leaders sit up and think. And he’ll be continuing in this vein over the coming weeks.  His reflections are not designed to offer policy proposals or support any political program….

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Nairobi, Kenya: Covid Millionaires

It has been quite some time since I contributed to this blog. It is my sincere hope that you are all well and slowly recovering from the great confusion of Covid-19. Here in Kenya we are not sure whether to say things are better or worse. Indeed they are better compared to how they were…

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DR Congo: The Effects of Covid-19

The Central African nation has recorded at least 9,538 COVID-19 cases, 8,421 recoveries and 225 related deaths. “Imagine living in a country where everything is imported from outside, now, there is nothing coming in,” CAFOD’s Country Director in DRC, Bernard Balibuno has been quoted as saying in a report published Thursday, August 13. The official continues in…

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Brazil: Draft Letter of Significant Group of Bishops Causes Stir

In the letter, more than 150 bishops accuse the federal government of “inaction and omission” in combating the coronavirus pandemic and of “inability and incapacity” to face the crisis. “Closing its eyes to the appeals of national and international entities, the federal government demonstrates omission, apathy and rejection by the poorest and most vulnerable of…

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St Mugagga, Uganda: The Orphan Myth – Keeping Families Together

This documentary film explores the global trend of child care institutions moving away from orphanages and toward family-based care and reunification. We’re excited to be doing this same work here at St. Mugagga in Uganda. We’re excited to be doing this same work here at St. Mugagga in Uganda. Here is a link where you…

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Lockdown in Liverpool

Almost as soon as our own lockdown here in Herbert House had begun in the third week of March, we were struck with the sudden illness and tragic deaths of Fr. Owen Grant and Fr. John Sweeney from COVID-19. To make matters worse, I probably contracted the disease myself and was ‘hors de combat’ for…