6th April 2020

A Guide to Isolation and Social Distancing from Those who Know

These online resources are offered to help people live through the coronavirus pandemic. Their special quality is that they don’t come from theories; they all come from those with experience of social distancing or isolation, people who have lived this reality either intentionally like monks and nuns or against their will like hostages or the housebound. This is a new and difficult journey for most … Read more

Corona: Entering into our Own Passion

One of the cruellest aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be that, at a time when the consolation of human contact is needed by so many more than ever, it is the very thing that we are asked to forego. What form can love take when deprived of its touch, its immediacy, its flesh and bones? How do I still respond compassionately and humanely … Read more

A Prayer in Times of Self-Isolation: ‘I’m Staying at Home, Lord’

This beautiful prayer was written by an Italian priest who is self-isolating at the moment and very sadly lost his own brother a few days ago to Covid-19…   I’m staying at home, Lord! I’m staying at home, Lord! And today, I realise, you taught me this, remaining obedient to the Father, for thirty years in the house of Nazareth, waiting for the great mission. … Read more

Kenya: How Coronavirus Lockdown Affects Slum dwellers

Jane suffers from arthritis that has affected her legs, hands and back, leaving her bedridden and unable to fend for her family. It is her teenage daughter who became the family’s breadwinner, dropping out of school at a tender age and taking any odd job that would come her way to buy food for her ailing mother, her own children and her sibling. On the … Read more

America: Bias -The Sources of Wilful Blindness in the Face of the Covid-19 Crisis

But in the midst of this collective push to secure compliance with necessary safety measures, a number of people still refuse to take the threat seriously. We now know, for example, that coronavirus can incubate in the body for several days without symptoms, yet you may still hear from some that, as long as no one is feeling sick, public gatherings are OK. This only … Read more

Cardinal Bo (Myanmar): Repression, Lies and Corruption of Chinese Communist Party Responsible for Magnitude of Covid-19 Pandemic

No corner of the world is untouched by this pandemic, no life unaffected. According to the World Health Organization, nearly a million people have been infected and more than 46,000 have died. By the time this is over, the global death toll is expected to be millions. International voices are being raised against the negligent attitude shown by China, especially its despotic Chinese Communist Party … Read more

South Korea Sets Standard for Covid-19 Testing

When a new coronavirus was detected in Chinese city Wuhan last December, South Korea set up an emergency team to study the disease. The early action taken by the South Korean government and the knowledge gained about Covid-19 went on to shape what has become the world’s most ambitious virus-testing program. Britain’s ITV reports from Seoul in this YouTube video. Source: UCANews  

‘Aqua Fons Vitae’: Major Vatican Document on Water

Too many sanitation facilities in poor and developing countries do not have adequate access to water for the most basic needs of cleanliness and hygiene. Without clean water, sinks, soaps, toilets and hygiene procedures, billions of patients, care staff and families are placed at risk because there is no foundation or infrastructure for decent, safe, quality care. Births, surgery, infections, epidemics: none of these can … Read more

Pope Francis: Putting Economy before People would be Viral Genocide

In a handwritten letter sent March 28 to Argentine Judge Roberto Andres Gallardo, president of the Pan-American Committee of Judges for Social Rights and Franciscan Doctrine, the pope said that some governments that have imposed lockdown measures “show the priority of their decisions: people first.” “This is important because we all know that defending the people implies an economic setback,” he said in the letter, … Read more

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