22nd February 2020

Fascinating Reflections on 1960: The Year of Africa – ‘A Continent Remade’

A little more than a year ago, the archival storytelling group came across a photo of a woman carrying on her back a baby holding a tiny Nigerian flag. The year was 1960. It was a powerful illustration of how new independence felt for so many African nations. Seventeen countries declared independence that year, which became known as the Year of Africa. And with the … Read more

A Forgotten Page of Colonial History: ‘Born Under The Gun’

“BORN UNDER THE GUN” part 2. (Internment Camps, Christian Missions and Testimonies from Cameroon) FR ROBERT O’NEIL, mhm, ON KAMERUN AND FERNANDO PO EXCERPTS chosen by Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm: Africans in their colonial wars most often died in anonymity.  They were buried in a pauper’s grave and their names and stories wiped from memory and history… ‘Born under the Gun’ succinctly examines World War … Read more

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