17th February 2020

Israel-Palestine: A Singaporean Surgeon’s Witness of Working with the Palestinians

Gaza has been blockaded for 12 years and bombarded by land, air and sea with several thousand killed and many more made homeless. Among the dead were more than a thousand children. Electricity is scarce and safe drinking water non-existent. Since March 2018, more than three hundred unarmed demonstrators asking for the right to return home were shot dead by snipers, with 36,000 wounded, a … Read more

Palestine: The Reality of Lives Lived under Occupation

On a recent visit to Gaza, I was confronted with the reality of people’s lives in this beleaguered part of the world. This is a reality of trauma, violence and oppression. I was reminded of how perpetrators use their power to oppress, control, manipulate and degrade others. I was reminded of the stark similarities between perpetrators, be they perpetrators of domestic violence or state violence. … Read more

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