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DR Congo – Holy See Agreement: A New Beginning in Relationships

“With this agreement, we have a legal framework that will henceforth regulate relations between the Catholic Church and the Congolese State, because a legal framework gives rise to the recognition of reciprocal rights and reciprocal obligations and it is in this spirit that we will work to promote the well-being of the Congolese people and…

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Walled in Comboni Sisters in Bethany: ‘We are Missionaries and Missionaries are Normally on the Border’

The wall and military towers loom above the convent on all three sides, including over the kindergarten playground, which has been covered by a fireproof roof because of the Molotov cocktails thrown over the wall by Palestinian demonstrators during clashes with Israeli soldiers. Previous shelters have caught on fire from the Molotov cocktails, said Vacas….

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Violence against Christians: India and Pakistan Ranked among Ten Worst Offenders

Bishop Mascarenhas said Christians in India are known for their “peace-loving nature” and their services in education and health care across the country. “But certain motivated groups target Christians for being messengers of equality, justice, and peace,” he said. The Hindu groups that work towards turning India into an upper caste Hindu hegemony “do not see…

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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: Paul’s Handling of Christian Disunity

In this brief article I should like simply to look at one important New Testament test-case for grappling with Church disunity: Paul’s dealings with the fractious Corinthians, who, to his annoyance, were forever picking a fight, both with one another and with him. The place to start here is perhaps with the last surviving line…

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Cameroon: National Days of Prayer for Respect of Human Life

“The ongoing clashes in the Anglophone regions make activities impossible. Difficulties are increasing in the economic field. The majority of businesses have ceased to operate. The population makes a living from agriculture, but cultivating the fields is becoming complicated, many peasants have been killed while working on their farms,” Bishop Kome lamented. He added, “Today…

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Southern Africa: Launch of Innovative Pastoral Plan

In the plan, the Bishops have identified evangelization, described as a “personal relationship with Jesus,” as “fundamental to the pastoral plan,” particularly because all other seven focus areas “flow out of this foundational experience.” Empowering the laity through their formation is a focus area that will see the Bishops work toward having the lay faithful…