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World Day of Migrants and Refugees: Message of Pope Francis

The 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR) will be celebrated on Sunday 27th September 2020. With the title “Like Jesus Christ, forced to flee”, Pope Francis urges us this year to discover the reality of internally displaced people more deeply. Every month, a new video of Pope Francis and other multimedia materials delve…

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Getting the Point: The Parable of the Labourers in the Vinyard

One thing we have to realise often about the parables Jesus tells is that he is not necessarily approving of the behaviour of the lead character in the story, far less adopting the political, economic or social policy which the central figure may be shown to be putting into practice. Jesus might identify God with…

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Cameroon: ‘Perspective of Growing Chaos’ – Bishop Abraham Kome.

There has been a tense political atmosphere in Cameroon after President Paul Biya announced the first Regional Elections scheduled to take place on December 6 in the Central African nation, according to a local media report September 7. Regional elections in Cameroon are provided for in the 1996 Constitution but have never taken place. The anticipated…

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Pakistan: Judges Afraid to Acquit Falsely Accused Christians

The threat from extremists means judges in Pakistan are too afraid to acquit Christians falsely accused of blasphemy, according to a human rights’ activist, speaking on the day yet another death sentence was handed out. Sajid Christopher Paul, President and Executive Director of Human Friends Organization (HFO), spoke to Catholic charity Aid to the Church…

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Cameroon: No End in Sight to the Conflict

There is no end in sight to the crisis in Cameroon’s North-West and South-West regions despite initial ceasefire talks with rebels seeking independence from the government in Yaoundé. The Cameroonian government launched secret talks with jailed Anglophone leader Ayuk Tabe and nine others at the beginning of July in an effort to negotiate a ceasefire…

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This is What We Die for: Child Labour in DR Congo Cobalt Mines

This film documents the hazardous conditions in which artisanal miners, including thousands of children, mine cobalt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It goes on to trace how this cobalt is used to power mobile phones, laptop computers, and other portable electronic devices. Using basic hand tools, miners dig out rocks from tunnels deep…

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Pope Francis: Applying Gospel Message to Big Questions of our Age

Over the last four Wednesdays in August, Francis has focussed his audiences on the pandemic, peppering his reflections with economic messages designed to make world leaders sit up and think. And he’ll be continuing in this vein over the coming weeks.  His reflections are not designed to offer policy proposals or support any political program….