24th February 2020

Landmark African Congress to Invite Delegates to Think of Another Possible Africa, Church, Reality for People

During the 20th century alone, the African Catholic Church managed to swell from a membership of 2 million in 1900 to 140 million by 2000. And while demographics may not always be destiny, Pope Francis’s efforts to turn the attention of the global Church to the south makes any large-scale gathering of African Catholics not just important locally, but worldwide. That’s why when more than 700 … Read more

Mill Hill Missionaries: Africa Cluster Meeting

This year’s Africa cluster meeting was held in Mill Hill House Nairobi from the 4th of 8th November 2019, attended by all the 5 Area leaders of our mission in Africa.  Also in attendance was the General Superior and Councillor for Africa. The leaders gathered were able to present reports on how our members in the respective countries are living out the Society’s mission priorities … Read more

Mill Hill Missionaries in DR Congo: Kinshasa Initiative

Due to the increasing logistical challenges of running a Formation Programme from Basankusu, the General Council took a decision to close the programme there and instead explore the possibilities of opening up the programme in Kinshasa where the different means for running it are easily available. Fons Eppink together with Stanislaus Bondoko were then entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out a feasibility study regarding … Read more

Young Members Seminar, Manila: Francis Makuba mhm Reflects on the Experience

In a week’s time, it will be a month since I arrived back from The Philippines. I was coming from the Mill Hill young members meeting held in Manila from 25th August to 8th September. The meeting was special in many ways. To me it was the first, maybe last, young members meeting I was attending. The meeting was full of insights. We had time … Read more

Talitha Kum: Religious Tackling Human Trafficking

“Together: different people who have experienced the trauma of trafficking, religious persons and committed laity of different charisms, who accept the challenge of collaborating. People from different cultures, countries, religious traditions, ideas, gifts, and worldviews. Together we learn freedom, respect and appreciation of diversity, protecting the inherent dignity of each person. Together against human trafficking: Together, with the aim of promoting paths and processes of … Read more

Regional Assembly of the Mill Hill Missionaries in The Netherlands

Dutch Regional Assembly  These past two days, 9-10 September, a record number of 58 Mill Hill Missionaries resident in The Netherlands participated in the Annual Regional Assembly at St Jozefhuis and Missiehuis Vrijland in Oosterbeek. The highlight of this assembly – beyond the in-house news briefing and the sharing of past missionary experiences by two senior missionary colleagues – was the keynote address the second … Read more

Young Members Seminar: A Glowing Personal Assessment

The two week long ‘Young Members Seminar’ of the Mill Mill Missionaries held in Manila, Philippines, has just drawn to a close. Below Mathews Olili mhm, one of the participants shares a personal evaluation of the experience.   YOUNG MEMBERS MEETING: A SENSE OF GRATITUDE   “People tell me some of my priests are like God: invisible on weekdays and incomprehensible on Sundays”. These words … Read more

Manila, Philippines: Young Members Meeting Starts with Recollection

Key Points from the Young Members Recollection: The love of God for us is our assurance and security. We are loved by God first. This love of God propels us to go out, as missionaries, to be on mission in the peripheries. As missionaries we are to hold each one in our hearts. This is what Jesus did in calling and in forming his first … Read more

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