6th April 2020

South Sudan: Appointment of Archbishop Stephen Ameyu Confirmed

Sr. Jecinter Antoinette Okoth, FSSA AMECEA 6th March 2020 Following the earlier appointment of Bishop Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla of South Sudan’s Torit Diocese as the new Archbishop of South Sudan’s Juba Archdiocese, the Holy Father has on Friday, March 6, reconfirmed the appointment. “I am here on behalf of the Holy See, being delegated by the Congregation of the Evangelization of Peoples, acting under … Read more

Young People with Roots – A Reflection Sparked by Pope Francis’ Exhortation ‘Christus Vivit’

An insight from the Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit After reflecting and meditating on the exhortation Christus Vivit, I would like  to make a reflection on Chapter Six, Young People with Roots. Before making this reflection, I would like to start with an analogy of a tree. Every tree has roots and it is through the roots that every tree is able to survive during drought. … Read more

South Sudan: New Peace Deal Opens Way for Papal Visit

According to Paolo Impagliazzo, who was present at the ceremony in his capacity as secretary general and South Sudan delegate for the Rome-based Sant’Egidio community, Catholics in the country “are really waiting for the visit of Pope Francis.” The pope has taken a keen interest in South Sudan, appealing often for peace and organizing days of prayer to end the conflict. In April 2019 he … Read more

Pope Francis’ Love Letter to the Peoples of the Amazon: A Moving Reflection

As we are on the road, I start reading a good number of articles, previews and reflections about this, and most of them come from elsewhere, from all around the world. This is good in a way, but then I start sensing again and again the lack of understanding in commentaries that are not truly concerned with the Amazon and its peoples. The reflections are … Read more

Vatican: Training for Diplomatic Service to Include a Year of Mission

There is no doubt that the decision, now formalized by the Successor of Peter, represents a truly significant change in the course of studies for those who will serve in the Nunciatures and who will, in many cases, be made bishops at a relatively young age. A fundamental piece of the curriculum now becomes the year dedicated to missionary service in the field, far from … Read more

Querida Amazonia: Antonio Spadaro SJ’s Commentary on Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhoration

Let me say straightaway that Querida Amazonia is a unique text. I will try to highlight why. This is the first time that a document of such magisterial importance explicitly presents itself as a text that “accompanies” another one, namely, the synod’s Final Document, The Amazon: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology. The pope immediately wishes to affirm a posture, that of listening and discernment. He writes … Read more

World Day of the Sick: Message of Pope Francis

The Pope tells the ill how Jesus looks at a “wounded humanity” with eyes “that gaze into the heart of each person.” His Gaze Embraces Everyone in Their Entirety That gaze, he underscored, is not one of indifference, but rather one which embraces “people in their entirety, each person in his or her health condition, discarding no one, but rather inviting everyone to share in … Read more

Austen Ivereigh’s ‘Wounded Sherpherd’ – A Review

Wounded Shepherd is the follow-up to Austen Ivereigh’s 2013 biography of Pope Francis, The Great Reformer. The new book covers Francis’s tumultuous first six years, and begins with the story of Francis telling Ivereigh, in June 2018, that he had only one criticism of what Ivereigh had written about him so far. “I braced myself,” writes Ivereigh. “After a pause, [the pope] said, smiling, ‘You’re too kind … Read more

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