24th February 2020

A Closer Look at the Sermon on the Mount

Whatever be its ecclesial provenance, from its content and inner structure Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount is evidently aimed at presenting an authoritative portrait of Christian discipleship. After a description of Jesus’s introductory healing ministry the scene is set in his ascending the hill and solemnly sitting down to address his disciples and the crowd of interested bystanders. In the opening section of his address … Read more

Timothy Radcliffe OP: On Christian Unity

Yves Congar OP, the greatest ecumenist of the twentieth century, discovered his theological vocation when he was a young Dominican friar and was overwhelmed by studying John 17, where Jesus prays that the disciples may be one as he and the Father are one. Congar called it ‘the apostolic prayer of Jesus for Christian unity’ and he gave his entire life to heal the divisions … Read more

Nairobi, Kenya: Jesuits Launch Scholarship Programme for Women to Study Theology

“The Jesuit School of Theology of Hekima University College (HUC) in Nairobi, Kenya, is delighted to announce the ‘St. Ignatius Scholarship for Women Theologians’. This scholarship is for African women (Religious or Lay) to study towards the Bachelor of Theology (BTh) or the Master of Theology/Licentiate in Sacred Theology,” read in part the poster announcing the scholarship. In an interview with ACI Africa, the Coordinator … Read more

Pune Voices: Magazine of Mill Hill Missionary Students of Theology in India

Editorial We are living ia a world that has become tech-sawy where people have hardly nay time or patience to wait for. We want to achieve anything at lightning speed: be it our own dream projects and goals. Thanks to the revolution of scientific technology. It has its own positive and negative impact on the lives of human beings nod other species of our ecu-system … Read more

Pan-African Congress Proposes New Ways of Doing Theology in Africa

“We propose a dialogical approach to doing theology in Africa. This way of doing theology demands that we become aware of ourselves as a Church only through our immersion in the “smell of the sheep,” reads part of a statement issued at the end of the four-day congress availed to ACI Africa. “Dialogical approach includes doing theology through the experiences of women, and other marginalised … Read more

Landmark African Congress to Invite Delegates to Think of Another Possible Africa, Church, Reality for People

During the 20th century alone, the African Catholic Church managed to swell from a membership of 2 million in 1900 to 140 million by 2000. And while demographics may not always be destiny, Pope Francis’s efforts to turn the attention of the global Church to the south makes any large-scale gathering of African Catholics not just important locally, but worldwide. That’s why when more than 700 … Read more

Religious Pluralism: Asia’s most Controversial Theological Impulse

In large part, the concern was, and remains, the impact of such theological thinking on mission. Christianity in its essence is a missionary religion, and the final command of Christ on earth was to “go forth and make disciples of all the nations.” If Catholicism were to cede that one can be perfectly fine in the eyes of God by following another religion, therefore, many … Read more

St Augustine Our Contemporary: ‘People of God Living in Migrant Tent City’

Augustine has no delusions of perfection, even though we’re answering a call to holiness. I think of Augustine’s spiritual realism as a pastor. One of the things I try to do in the book is to get people to read the Augustine beyond The Confessions and beyond the treatises and hear the Augustine of his sermons and letters. That’s where you hear this pastor, this shepherd who … Read more

Newman and the Amazon Synod – A Topical Reflection

John Henry Newman will be canonised on Sunday, October 13th To seriously listen: this, perhaps, is the point of connection with Newman. In an editorial for the Rambler in 1859, ‘On Consulting the Laity in Matters of Doctrine’, Newman stated that ‘One man will lay more stress on one aspect of doctrine, another on another; for myself, I am accustomed to lay great stress on the consensus fidelium.’[viii] He … Read more

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