Ten Years of Pope Francis in Startling Quotes

Thanks to the growth of social media platforms over the past decade, Francis is also the first real ‘digital’ pope, in the sense that he has accounts on most major social networks and thus has a higher global visibility than most of his predecessors likely did, meaning he quickly gained a reputation for the colorful soundbites he has often let fly.

Some of his remarks seemed odd or humorous, such as his declaration to believers during a general audience address in May 2013 that Christians should be joyful, rather than having a face like a “pickled pepper.”

Many of his comments have been appreciated, such as his description of God’s love as a “caress” and his focus on forgiveness, and others less so, such as his flap on a handful of occasions that women are “the cherry on top of the cake,” and thus need to be more fully included in the church.

Yet of all the quotes Pope Francis has given the church over the years, some stand out either because of the publicity they gained, or the relevance they hold to the overall tone of his papacy.

Source: CRUXNow

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