The Assumption of Our Lady – An Exploration

In giving the assembly a foretaste of the fulfilment of God’s project of salvation, the Assumption is an invitation for Christians to emulate Mary in holiness and thus be reunited with God in heaven. Like Mary leaving Elizabeth in the gospel, we are called to ‘return to our home’.[29] This requires a reorientation, a realignment of our lives with heaven. And so, as we depart the eucharist, we are sent out on mission with the solemn blessing to ‘carry away with you the gifts of spiritual joys and heavenly rewards’[30] so that we may live our lives in the hope of glorifying God and experiencing resurrection. Here, the responses to the intercessions of Morning Prayer give a clear indication of what this entails: ‘free us from the corruption of sin… make us temples of your Spirit for ever… help us to fix our thoughts on things above… make us worthy to share this glory.’[31] Therefore we discover that at the heart of the solemnity of the Assumption there is a call to orientate ourselves to our heavenly destination, a call to conversion in our lives, a call to rebuild ourselves based on Mary, our model of holiness. Indeed, ‘where Mary is present, this world begins to participate in its destiny.’[32]

Source: Thinkingfaith

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