The German Speaking Region Mill Hill Celebrates its Jubilarians

“It is not a planned coincidence, but a very welcome one, that on the very day of St. Benedict of Nursia, July 11th, the jubilee celebration of the Mill Hill Missionaries in the GSR is taking place”, Jakob Kirchler remarked at the beginning of the Eucharistic celebration in the Capuchin Church in Brixen. It was Saint Benedict’s concern to spread the word of God through teaching and example of life. Likewise, it is the intention of the missionaries to pass on the faith in different countries and in diverse fields of work. This is how the jubilarians worked: in India, Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, South Sudan, but also in London, Rome, Münster in Westphalia, Brixen, Bludenz, Absam.

In his sermon, the regional, Andreas Agreiter, took up the well-known life motto of the Benedictines: “Ora et labora – pray and work.

” Anyone who thinks that they can survive without regular prayer is wrong. A jubilee is a welcome occasion to reflect and to discover what one could do for others in faith and trust in God, true to the motto of the MHM: “Amare et Servire – love and serve” without asking a reward. It is important to be thankful for everything that life and God’s providence has allowed to happen over the years on the various continents through the commitment of the jubilarians”.  

The happy day ended with lunch in the traditional inn Zum Grünen Baum in the company of the confreres and family members.

Konrad Willeit

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