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The Irish Blessing

In Gaelic the title sounds Rop tú mo baile (Be Thou my vision). Known as The Irish Blessing, this hymn was performed by a virtual choir from over 300 churches across Ireland, complete with tin whistle and bagpipes. The prayer was written by Saint Dallán Forgaill in the sixth century. So very Irish, but the performance embraces the whole world at the same time. After all, the Irish churches are now also multicolored. And that is what makes this performance so stunningly beautiful. At the end of the video, the Irish blessing resounds in multiple languages .

Saint Dallán Forgaill (560-645) was a well-known poet and biblical expert, of whom several prayers and poems have been preserved. Dallan is a nickname, which means “blind”. The saint would have lost his sight because of too much reading.


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