‘The Joy of the Church is to Evangelize’ – Pope Francis

The concern of the Church cannot and should not be that of the prestige of the community and its ministers. It cannot and should not be its social influence, that is, a desire to “matter”, to be “relevant” on the world stage, in society, or in places of power. It cannot and should not be the search for an area of influence and attention.

Neither can the Church’s concern be the refinement of worship, i.e. seeking to perfect liturgical ceremonies while risking to become what Joseph Ratzinger called “an empty theater”.

The desire to proclaim and bear witness, while attempting to find every possible means to help the men and women of our time encounter the living Jesus: this is what moved the disciples of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene, and what moves those who bear witness to the Gospel today.

In other words, the joy of the Church is to evangelize, i.e. to spread the joy of the Christian message.

Source: Vatican News

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