The Light: Newsletter for the Friends of Mill Hill in The Philippines

Warm greetings and welcome to All our Readers!

At last our Friends of Mill Hill-Philippines newsletter got its name.

During our November 2019 assembly, we decided to give this newsletter its name to give it an identity. It is now called THE LIGHT.

(Ang Bag-ong Iwag).

Why this name? THE LIGHT is a translation of the Hiligaynon words “ANG IWAG.” It is a Mill Hill magazine first published in 1955 (by Fr. Hubert Jonkergouw, MHM). The publication ceased during Martial Law in 1972.

This Newsletter is named after it (the reason why it is called “And Bag-ong Iwag”) to revive

the missionary spirit and commitment in all our readers. It is meant to re-create and re-reawaken awareness of the importance of mission and being missionaries. It is hoped that the Mill Hill Missionaries themselves, the Friends of Mill Hill Philippines, and everyone who will get hold and read this newsletter will become lights to other people and in the world around them; likewise, to become supporters and prayer partners of the Mill Hill missionaries.

This magazine is now being managed by the Vocation/Friends of Mill Hill Philippines Office.

It will be published twice a year: before Christmas and St. Joseph’s feast.

On behalf of all Mill Hill Missionaries here in the Philippines and abroad, we wish you all a

Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2020!!!

The Editor

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