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The Pope Video April: Liberation from Addictions

The problem of what are called “new addictions” has a solution, but we must find the way. We need prophetic words and human ingenuity, and we need to do many things. It’s time to liberate ourselves from the addictions that seduce us. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Mt 6:21). If we are attached only to earthly things, sooner or later we will become their slave. However, if our heart is attached to what never passes, we will find ourselves and be free. It’s time to fix our gaze on what lasts forever.

“Surely, you’ve heard about the drama of addiction.

And… have you also thought about the addiction to gambling, to pornography, to the internet… and the dangers of virtual space?.

Supported by the ‘Gospel of Mercy’ we can alleviate, care for and heal the suffering associated with new kinds of addiction.

We pray that those suffering from addiction may be properly helped and accompanied.”

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