The Virus and Mill Hill – A Poem

The Virus and Mill Hill.    (A Covid-19 sonnet)

With no regard for colour, land or creed,
This Covid-19 kills and causes fear.
Its cruel furtive nature shows the need
For care – to ask where will it next appear?

From all the lands we work in come the pleas
To be with those who suffer and who mourn.
“Go where the need is greatest!” Do so, please,
And heed the vision, challenge, call of Vaughan.

Can we promote prevention, cure and care,
With others, wisely morning, noon, and night,
Insisting that it’s also their affair,
All sharing tasks, together in the fight?

Both Gospel Joy and Love should bolster Hope,
Embracing risk with trust in Faith’s broad scope.


John D. Kirwan     6/7 June 2020


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