The Woman at the Well

What does the Gospel of the Samaritan woman, on this third Sunday of Lent, have to do with the memorial day of prayer for the victims of abuse, especially sexual abuse, in the Church?
This woman from Samaria, was she not triply disappointed, by men, by religion, and by herself, as are the victims who have had the courage to testify, and as are many of the Church? Today ?
Now Jesus fills this triple abyss by looking at her with a chaste and unconditional love which makes a triple source spring up in her: that of faith, that of purification from her sin and that of the capacity to adore “in spirit and in truth”. . He makes this woman, who was like an outcast of society, his messenger to her family. And there He is quenched! What a paradox…
The key to the mystery is there: adoring the Lord decenters us from our self to welcome within us the divine Love which alone does not disappoint and heals everything. This welcome has the capacity to completely transform our hearts and our lives, to change our tears into cries of joy. For the victims of abuse, for the entire Church, there is no better remedy! All the evils of the world can be overcome through the great power of Eucharistic adoration, said Saint John Paul II. Yes, we are going through a real desert, but the Spirit points us to the Source!

Sister Violaine

Source: Lettre de Jérusalem


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