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Third Sunday of Easter

Jesus wants to make clear that he is not a ghost; so he shows his scars as proof that he really is the one who went through suffering some days ago. Amazingly, it is just by his scars and suffering that we can recognize Jesus. He bears the scars of his suffering and pain with him on his glorified body. What Jesus went through belongs to his identity, deserves to be respected. Isn’t that consoling? Each of us may have scars or wounds in their body or their heart. So, pain should not be ignored or to be trivialized. No, pain requires respect. And to be integrated into our identity.

We remember that it was Luke who told that Jesus laid his hands upon the pain of the suffering people who were brought before him, ‘one after another’. To each of them he gave personal attention.

Thinking of that, where… on which scar…, on which healing wound in my soul or body would Jesus lay his hand?

Source: Jesuits in Britain

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