Thoughts on the Coronavirus – A Poem by Sr Isabel Kelly FMSJ


There’s a season for everything
At present it’s the coronavirus
Who would have thought
That such a pandemic
Would actually inspire us.

Our lives have been changed
We have no choice
Coronavirus has the loudest voice.

It came so suddenly
No time to prepare
The whole world
Is at a standstill
We have all had a scare
Rich or poor it matters not
Whoever we are
Our lives have been fraught.

We now think of others
Not ourselves
Our eyes are drawn
To the books on our shelves.
We are doing things
Never done before
Teaching our children
And ready for more.

The energy within us
Has come to the fore
Each day is a bonus
And we long for more.
Of course we miss our loved ones
Of being close to them
Now waving through our fences
Instead of hugging them.

We mourn the loss of loved ones
No visitors allowed
Now they are a number
Just one of a crowd.
No normal funeral to say goodbye
Just a handful of mourners
While thousands cry.

Despite the negatives
The positives win
We have changed
Our way of thinking
Through the pandemic
We are in.

We have time to reflect
Time to stand still
Time for others
Time to chill.
No rushing for buse
Or missing our trains
No frustration on motorways
Just time to reflect
And use our brains.

Instead of being out
Everyone is in
Working from home
And being creative
Through the pandemic
We are in.

Thank you coronavirus
For making us stop
Giving time to stand still
Time to reflect.
When all this is over
Nothing will be the same
We shall appreciate everything
And live life with an aim.

Sister Isabel C. Kelly, FMSJ

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