Titus Brandsma: Interview with Dutch Ambassador to Holy See

Titus Brandsma is a person of many talents. As a priest, he was inspired by Teresa of Avila, Carmelite and Saint. He had an extremely positive attitude to life. As a thinker, philosopher, and mystic, he made an intellectual contribution to the social debate. As professor at and Rector Magnificus of the Catholic University of Nijmegen, which was founded in 1923, he contributed to Catholic emancipation in the Netherlands. As a journalist, he was active in word and certainly in action, speaking out against national socialist ideology and the Nuremberg racial laws, defending freedom of the press, and during the occupation of the Netherlands visiting Catholic newspapers to urge them not to print propaganda. All these aspects made him, certainly when we look back, a special resistance hero. His courage and perseverance are inspiring for many worldwide and certainly also in the Netherlands. Faith, hope, and love, qualities Titus embodied, are not only important for Catholics, Christians, or religious believers, but for all people of goodwill.

Source: Vatican News

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