Today’s Gospel – Storm on the Lake

   A lighthearted poetic take on today’s Gospel (Mark’s parallel version) by John Kirwan MHM

TRUST                                        (Mk 4,38)     

Off we go. All aboard !|
All agreed, of one accord.
See how the fishermen have scored;
All big and little fish still stored,
Some to eat and some to hoard –
Hard work’s happy just reward.

Don’t leave the Lord!    
With him around, our hopes have soared

But soon, and not to be ignored,   
A huge storm came and raged and roared.
Panic stations to record:     
First what they could well afford,
Then heavy tackle, rope and cord,
Jettisoned, thrown overboard
As into the boat the water poured.

In fear and tension and discord
The crew were anxious, not assured,
The stalwart Peter overawed …….


And ………. Jesus snored! 

John D Kirwan MHM                                                                                                                                     

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