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Uganda: Covid Shows Up Sheering Inequality

“The cost of hospital care for those with COVID-19 is incredibly high in Uganda,” SDB members say in a Monday, July 19 report, and add, “some private hospitals in the country are charging up to 5 million Uganda shillings per day (US$1,400.00).”

In the report, the Director of Don Bosco Namugongo School, Fr. Ellie Nyandwi, has been quoted as saying only a few rich people are able to raise such a big amount, a situation that has made people resort to self-care in their respective homes to manage the coronavirus.

“Most of the patients remain at their homes and treat themselves with lemon juice mixed with ginger. These patients also steam herbs and eucalyptus leaves,” Fr. Nyandwi said, adding, “Don Bosco Namugongo has a eucalyptus plantation that is visited frequently by both Salesians and neighbors searching for leaves.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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