Uganda: Foot Pilgrims to Namugongo Set off Again after Two Year Break

This year, Fort Portal Diocese shall animate the Liturgy on Martyrs day at Namugongo and the preparations are ongoing in high gear.

Pilgrims from Fort Portal the Diocese that is charged with responsibilities to organized and animate the liturgy for this year’s celebrations and other Dioceses in Uganda, have started the pilgrimage to Namugongo Martyrs Shrine.

In Lira Diocese, about 630-foot pilgrims on Monday 16th/5/2022 started their pilgrimage, a journey of 380 Kms to be covered before reaching Namugongo Martyrs Shrines in Kampala.

Among the foot pilgrims, is a 10-year old young girl in the company of her grandmother who said she has chosen to trek to Namugongo to pray for the gift of wisdom from God through the intercession of the holy Martyrs.

The young girl, a Primary School Grade 4 pupil,  further disclosed that she is also praying to God to offer healing in her family to people with various body illnesses.

The pilgrims are expected to spend a total of 14 days on a prayerful and meditative journey in view of reaching Namugongo Martyrs Shrine.

Source: AMECEA

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