Uganda Martyrs Day: Diocese of Jinja Host This Year

The Catholic Diocese of Jinja in Uganda is in “very high gear” preparing for one of the world’s largest religious gatherings – the annual June 3 Martyrs’ Day Pilgrimage – by implementing safety protocols, training local medical response teams, and preparing for the expansive liturgical celebrations for the pilgrims who will number over one million, according to the Vicar General of the Diocese.

“We are expecting pilgrims in large numbers from local countries such Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan, and also from Nigeria,” Fr. Paul Musana told ACI Africa in an interview about the event that takes place at Namugongo Shrine in Uganda’s Kampala Archdiocese.

The number of pilgrims expected at Namugongo, Fr. Musana said during the Wednesday, May 3 interview, “is a little hard to estimate but generally we don’t go below a million. Now that this time there are no COVID-19 restrictions, there is freedom of entry and the number of attendees is expected to be very high.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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