USA: Celebrating Thanksgiving in Times of Covid

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended that Americans not travel for Thanksgiving. The United States now has more new daily cases of Covid-19 than in the spring, when we had little knowledge of how to mitigate its spread. And a large, indoor extended gathering without masks is our best way of assisting the virus in its pursuit of survival.

When reality refuses to conform to our will, we have at least three options.

The most tempting response is to slip into the comfortable delusion that there is actually no divergence and act as if the world is as we imagine it to be. This is the response of those who pretend that the virus is still a hoax or as if it has not killed a quarter of a million Americans. As we sit back and imagine the holidays, I suspect we have all spent a little time entertaining the possibility of making the holidays a brief exception to an otherwise frustrating year. But we normalize this reality at our own peril.

Source: America Magazine

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