‘We Draw Near’ – Music inspired by Catholic Faith

The Catholic music collective Damascus Worship releases a CD of Catholic worship music.

Four songs by 20-year-old singer-composer Seph Schlueter are the eye-catchers on Awake My Soul, a new, beautifully published CD with music inspired by the Catholic faith. The compilation album has been available since June 12. It has been listened to over 10,000 times since its launch on Spotify. The CD was created at the initiative of Damascus Worship, a Catholic music collective inspired by Protestant counterparts such as Hillsong Worship and Bethel Worship.

[Verse 1: Seph Schlueter]
Here in Your presence, God
We’re surrendering all
You can have our hearts
You are the song that we sing
And the gift that we bring
Is an offering

[Pre-Chorus: Seph Schlueter]
Gathered as one, we are ready for You
Come as You want, You will have our worship
All that we are is laid here at Your feet

[Chorus: Seph Schlueter]
We draw near to the throne room
Singing, “Holy is the Lamb of God”
All the saints and angels joining
Be enthroned, oh King of all
Be enthroned, oh King of all

[Verse 2: Seph Schlueter]
Now is the time and the hour
Let Heaven come down
And Your glory resound
You are the Life in our veins
We will lift high our praise
‘Til the end of our days

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