The mission and work of the Mill Hill Missionaries find expressions in various forms and ways. The last Chapter in 2005 redefined mission as the heart of the Society and challenged all members to live out the priorities of the Society in their respective ministries, responding appropriately to the challenges of secularisation and globalisation in the local churches where they serve.

Primary Evangelisation

In many areas, there are still large numbers of people who do not know Christ and who have never heard the Gospel. Mill Hill Missionaries have a preference for pioneering work: to open up new fields, to respond boldy to fresh needs and face unfamiliar challenges.

Justice and Peace & Integrity of Creation

By preference, Mill Hill Missionaries go where the need is greatest, to the people ‘most abandoned and poorest in the means of grace’, to share with them the Kingdom where justice and peace reign and where God’s creation is respected and valued as God’s precious gift to all of us to share in.

Mission Animation

Mill Hill Missionaries seek also to discover and unite people committed to God’s design for the world, to share with them their mission and to bring them to a greater awareness of their role in God’s mission. Within the local Christian community, Mill Hill Missionaries try to help the members realise their missionary calling.

Development Work

In many areas, Mill Hill Missionaries work to bring about the integral development of peoples, not only through relief work, but also by creating opportunities of growth and development towards a better future for the people. The building up and development of faith communties in urban and rural areas are important strategy of evangelisation.

Interfaith Dialogue

One important aspect of the mission of the Mill Hill Missionaries is to approach people of different races and religions, seeking, in a spirit of dialogue, to listen to the Spirit speaking in their cultures and traditions. In this respect, mission becomes a humble attempt to sense God’s presence and discern the working of the Spirit among the people.